Mary T

I am a UC Berkeley grad living in the Bay Area, serving at my local church and looking to ever dive deeper in my relationship with God through the knowledge and understanding of God’s word, prayer, and loving and serving people. I chose the pen name, Mary Tapeinophrosune, because I hope to become what this name suggests.

Mary is the name of 2 women who were very close to Jesus. One sat at his feet and prioritized the one necessary relationship would not be taken away from her, in contrast to her sister who was ironically too busy working hard for Jesus while missing him altogether. Another servant-like Mary willingly accepted whatever the Lord had in mind for her life, even if that meant that she would be misunderstood, even by her beloved, and have more heartaches to come.

Tapeinophrosune is the Greek word for humility. Greek is the language of the New Testament. Pride is the primary and worst sin, so it follows that humility is the ultimate anti-sin.

This Site

This is a collection of my personal reflections, with names changed and other identifying information altered. Why this blog? Two reasons:

For you. As a random reader that I’ve probably never met before, I hope that this random website would either get you thinking about the Christian worldview somewhat or maybe even nudge you to grow one step closer to God.

For me. I hope that this blog can express my love of the Word (by the way, “logos” is the Greek word for “word”) in a tangible way as my thoughts get crystallized into not just articles, but also to practical action. Since I am exceedingly forgetful and scatterbrained, this also helps me remember/consolidate what I’ve concluded about various topics.

Send A Message

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to send me your thoughts, responsive musings, constructive criticism, requests, questions, etc. I will personally respond to you (at some point in time).


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